Martin Luther King: Nonviolent Direct Action

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John Q. Archibald is a hard working factory worker, husband to a beautiful woman named Denise, and a father to a young boy named Michael. One morning sitting down for breakfast Denise’s car is reposed due to failure to make payments. At this time John explains to his family that his hours have been cut down to 20 and that he is trying his best financially with what he has. Later that night, John and Denise take Michael to his baseball game. Once Michael is up for bat he swings and takes off for the bases. On his way to second base Michael collapses. He is unconscious and his father drives quickly to the nearest hospital. Waiting for answers on how Michael is doing, Denise and John are called into an office to discuss Michael’s condition and…show more content…
want the viewers to see how much a man will do for his family. Many boys are raised to protect their family, to be tough, and to look after their younger siblings if they have them. With that being said, those boys soon turn into men with morals of protecting the ones they love. Martin Luther King Jr. would disagree with the way John Q. handled the situation. John Q. used some violence on his hostages in the attempt to help his son get the heart transplant. (Letter to Birmingham; page 214, paragraph 9) Nonviolent direct action seeks to create such a crisis and foster such a tension that a community which has constantly refused to negotiate is forced to confront the issue. Martin Luther King Jr. would also see that it was unjust for the hospital to release Michael knowing that he would die without proper care. I truly believe that in this movie John Q’s actions were those of one whom was taught to protect their family no matter what. Morally, John’s actions are justifiable. In this movie John Q is simply protecting his loved one, which is his son. In order to protect Michael, John knows he has to get enough money together to get this heart transplant or his son will die. Once John has exhausted all of his financial resources and realizes he can not come up with the money quick enough, he moves on to extreme matters. In this movie John is not worried about the consequences he will face. John is solely focused on his son’s well being and what he can do to keep him
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