Martin Luther King Jr Speech

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What Impact did Martin Luther King Jr. have on the Civil Rights Movement? Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I will be speaking about the impact that Martin Luther King Jr had on the Civil Rights Movement… Firstly I will very briefly say what it is…In the early 1900’s, blacks and sympathetic white people started a movement to achieve full political, economic and social equality for African-Americans. This… was the Civil Rights Movement. One of the main figures in influencing this whole movement was Atlanta born… Martin Luther King Jr. King is considered the most influential man and impacting figure in African-American history and even the world because of the message he sent out to people… It was a message of Christian Ethics and Non-violence through Inspiration and Motivation… He was a voice for blacks when they didn’t have one. He was a natural born leader and for this was elected president of the Southern Christian Leadership conference and elected president of the Montgomery Improvement Association that led the Montgomery Bus Boycott which was a key event. And it all happened on the first of Decemeber 1955, when a young African-American seamstress named Rosa Parks boarded a Montgomery, Alabama Bus and refused to give up her seat to a white man. She was arrested for this courageous act. Through this act she caused a chain of events that would help Martin Luther King Jr’s rise to national prominence. King was then elected the President of MIA which was the Montgomery… Improvement… Association. One thing that he always emphasised was to take a… non-violent… Christian based approach to all campaigns. He also always urged the african-american community to “turn the other cheek, no matter how great the provocation.” Coming from the Mongomery Bus Boycott, King said that “The once dormant and quiescent Negro Community was now fully awake.” This King led Boycott
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