Martin Luther King Jr.: Nonviolence And Racial Justice

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The civil rights movement in America was a time in which Blacks and other minorities started actively demonstrating that they were equal to the white people in this country and it was their rights as human beings to have more independence and more equal rights. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a major figure in the history of the American Civil Rights Movement. This leader had different ideas on what he thought would be the best way for blacks to get equality. King proclaimed a nonviolent, noncompliant philosophy similar to that of Gandhi in the achievement of Indian independence from the British earlier in the century. He also believed that blacks should try to find similarities between them and the white community. The article “Nonviolence and…show more content…
During this period from 1950- to early 1970s different reform movements took place to stop racial discrimination and racism against African Americans. This article describes the different ideas Martin Luther King Jr had to help Africans obtain justice without any violence. He proposed three different alternatives to violence. First, he states “this is not a method for cowards, it does resist.” The way King wanted to obtain equality was very passive and nonaggressive; he never wanted to be physically aggressive to his opponent. Moreover, on his second point, “nonviolence resistance does not seek to defeat or humiliate the opponent, but to win friendship and understanding.” King thought that if there were no offenses or put downs to the enemy everything was to flow better between blacks and whites. Lastly, he concludes that the universe is on the side of justice. He brings this idea that God is on the side of truth to kind make whites feel guilty for the way they are abusing and taking advantages of the injustice of blacks. King was very religious and this was a great influence for him to be so calm and nonviolence on his speeches. In this article King states, “this, in brief, is the method of non-violent resistance. It is a method that challenges all people struggling for justice and freedom. God grant that we wage the struggle with dignity and discipline.” In another words Martin Luther King was influenced by the power of God to help Africans without any aggression, bloodshed or violent

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