Martin Luther King Essay

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Martin Luther King was killed on April 4, 1968 at Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. His death led to immediate impacts and also left long term impacts for his people. After his death, riots started from the black ghettos in the western Chicago in which contradicted Martin Luther King’s philosophy of having a “Non-Violent movement”. This riot showed the violence that had happened after martin luther king’s assassination because of the number of casualties and the destruction of properties. Even though there were negative effects, his assassination also led to positive immediate effects such as the Poor People’s Campaign, and the improvement of the Civil Rights Act 1968. The long term impacts of his death were the social improvement of the Civil Rights Act 1968, the African-Americans are now being respected, and the effect of Martin Luther King Day. After the assassination Martin Luther King his supporters showed grief and rage towards his death. The outpouring grief and rage led to the 1968 Chicago riot. The riot started in the black ghetto on the west side of Chicago. It consumed a 26-block stretch of West Madison Street. It showed the support of african americans towards Martin Luther King who was their key to racial equality. The riot led to a curfew for under 21, closed the streets to automobile, and the ban of sales of guns, ammunations, and inflammable materials, and also a shoot to kill order which was implemented by Mayor Richard J. Daley. The Chicago Riot in 1968 led to destructions of buildings which estimatedly cost $10 million. The riot took two days before peace was restored. There was a high amount of casualty; 11 deaths, more than a thousand were injured, and three thousand people were arrested. Even though the riot showed negative effects, it was still a positive impact because it showed how the african americans united. After Martin Luther

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