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Martin Luther King Jr was born on January 13, 1929. Martin Luther King Jr had a huge impact, on the life of many Americans. Martin Luther King Jr also helped to change the way many of Americans thought of African Americans. Before Martin Luther King Jr came along African Americans were almost not even considered human if was almost as if they were animals, African Americans would get publicly beat just for talking to a white a person. Martin Luther King Jr impacted America a lot and I can honestly say that it was definitely for the better, if Martin Luther King Jr had never been born I cannot even imagine what the world would be like. African Americans would not be treated fairly they would be discriminated against they would be beat just for speaking to any white person, they would be forced to use separate bathrooms, separate water fountains, sit in the back of the bus, eat a separate restaurants and they would be forced to do jobs that white people wouldn’t want or refused to do and would be pain very little for there hard work. African American children would go to separate schools then white children. The white kids school would have white teachers the best learning materials and a great building. The African American students school on the other hand would only have African American teachers and sometimes they wouldn't even be teachers they would be volunteers that knew how to read and write, they sometimes didn't even have enough books for all the students and they wouldn't be nearly as good as the white children's books. Martin Luther King Jr worked very hard to achieve his goals. One of many ways Martin Luther King Jr achieved his goals were to write speeches and practice public speaking. Martin Luther King Jr had many supporters but he also had many people that hated him and did not support him in anyway shape or form. Martin Luther King Jr’s

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