Martin Luther King Essay

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Mark Vinogradov Martin Luther King Jr Q1. According to Dr. King, direct action is a non violent protest, or any other type of action that will create tension in the community and dramatize the issue that was disregarded by the community. After a successful direct action, the community (local government) would accept negotiating those issues and both parties would come to a solution which would resolve the conflict. Q2. Just law is the moral law of God, or better yet, humanity. As St. Thomas Aquinas said “It is a law that uplifts the human personality. On the other hand, unjust law breaks the moral code of humanity. Those laws are made for the minorities to abide, while the major power disregards it. A good example of such law is being denied of voting. Q3. With all due respect, I have decided to disagree with Dr. King’s direct action. It might have worked during those days, because not many people have seen such tension, but during our present time, it will simply not work. I will bring up an example of Occupy Wall Street movement. People who participated in those protests made it clear to our government what they were perusing and what was the cause of their intentions. However, no matter how long they stood in front of the corporate buildings, spread messages and marched, our government “politely” disregarded (and by politely I mean using the NYPD to literally pull people away by their hair and pepper spraying surrounded groups of people) any demands of the people. Our government is aware of protesting strategies and is trained to handle them with ease to avoid anything that the people demand. I believe that our nation is disorganized and torn apart between approving and disapproving our leaders. Such state results in lousy, passive demonstrations that turn into a joke with time, and turn into a pathetic circus with no positive outcome for the

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