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Martin Luther King Jr I have chosen Martin Luther King Jr because I liked that he fought for rights that black people didn't have at the time. And that he thought that all people should be treated as equals. Martin Luther King Jr was a American clergyman, he was born in Atlanta and was shot in the southern us city of Memphis, Tennessee. In school he skipped 9th and 12th grade and entered collage at 15, without formally graduating from high school. Martin Luther king was best known for being a leader in the advancement of civil rights movement. Martin Luther King has shown one of his leadership qualities by the ability of public speech, that's how he got so many supporters. He was able to persuade thousands into believing what he believed in. People gained trust in him and that's the number one thing you need as a good leader: trust from followers.his passion and determination came through to his followers and made him a local hero. He has had many awards like Time's Person of the Year, Presidential Medal of Freedom, Congressional Gold Medal, Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album and many more. But the best award was the Nobel peace prize in 1964. That was one of his best achievements. Martin Luther King impacted america by teaching us that its wrong to discriminate against people. That all people have the right to go to the same school, the same church, the same restaurants. He fought for the right of his people to be considered equal with white people. He was involved with Civil Rights. What made him stand out to me is that he was a non violence person. He didn't believe in using violence to reach his goal. I would say that the most important events on Martin Luther kings life were: 1961 Leads first SCLC protest campaign in Albany, Georgia. 1963 Launches a major civil rights campaign in Birmingham, Alabama, during which he writes 'Letter from Birmingham

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