Martin Luther King Essay

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Martin Luther King went to Birmingham jail in 1963 for parading without a permit, and he spent 11 days in jail. In this letter Martin Luther King talks about many good points but some of the points in my opinion were more important than others, argument about Justice and injustice going on against African Americans, equality opportunities, the nonviolent campaign he was involved in. Martin Luther King brings a good point about equal opportunities. Back in the days blacks could not eat, or sit at the same places as whites. Even the public places were close for African Americans. Mr. King tells through a father’s point of view when a kid asks “why do white people treat colored people so mean?”(Page 3). And also when your daughter asks why she can’t go to the amusement park that was just shown on T.V., also the biggest inequality African Americans suffered was employment, blacks weren’t allowed to work side by side with whites. People did not see MLK as a criminal, even though he was arrested 5 times in his adult life, including the one time in Birmingham jail. While he was arrested for parading without a permit he talks about the 1st amendment which “Freedom of Speech”. MLK says he is not against any legal requirements but when it comes to a person describing that it is unjust when it is used to maintain segregation and to deny citizens the first amendment privilege. MLK was not for any violent movement or parade. He talks about how it is so hard to be nonviolent in parade while police officers are beating them or spray water with powerful affects. He compares lots of his movement and his ideas to Bible or Jesus and what they did when they were face with difficult issues. MLK was a religious person, and he made most of his decision based on what the holly book

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