Martin Luther King Essay

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We have all heard of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a civil rights leader, clergyman, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. He is a man who gained immortality in the sense that he will always be remembered as a hero who fought for civil rights. Dr. King once wisely said “Ten thousand fools proclaim themselves into obscurity, while one wise man forgets himself into immortality.” I believe that through this quote, Dr. King was telling the world that the wise man is the one who forgets about their own wants and needs, and tries to address the wants and needs of others. It is the unselfish person who is the wisest, and who will ultimately be remembered by others. I feel that this quote is very accurate, and helps us to see what kind of person Dr. King was. He was unselfish like the wise man described in the quote, and he also has a sense of immortality like the wise man. However, I feel if the quote only means immortality in the sense that people are remembered, there may me some few and rare exceptions to the quote. There are some people who were very selfish and power-hungry that we still remember today. Some examples of people like this include Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin, and I doubt anyone will or should forget about the acts of evil they committed. I do not feel that the quote means by the term “immortality” just that people are remembered, but that they are remembered in a positive way. To me this quote means that wise people are the ones who care about other people, and do whatever they can to help those people. A wise person does not put their wants over another person’s needs. They do not seek power for themselves, but simply want the voice of others to be heard. This quote says that to seek power and fame only for one’s self is foolish, and if a selfish person is remembered throughout history, it is most likely because of evil deeds or radical acts that

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