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Born: 10 November 1483 Died: 18 February 1546 He was born to Hans Luther and Margarette Luther.They were both peasants and lived Eisbern,Saxony,Germany.His father was miner and made a descent living but he knew mining was a hard life and he did not want that for his son to live like that, he wanted him to be a lawyer, so at age 7 he sent him to school.At the age of 14 he went to Magdeburg to continue his studies.In 1498 he returned to Eisleben and he studied grammar,rhetorician logic.He later compared this experience to purgatory and hell. In 1501 he enrolled in the University of Erfurt where he studied grammar,rhetoric and metaphysics. In 1504 he graduated with a Masters of Arts degree.He was well on his way to be a lawyer,but in July 1505 he was caught in a horrible thunderstorm and feared for his life so he prayed to St. Anne and swore if he lived ho would become a monk and the storm supposedly subsided and his life was decided.His father was gravely disappointed with his choice but came to terms with it.Martin Luther was gravely afraid of hell and gods wrath so he thought that the monastery would be able to help him.... In his later years from 1533 he served as the dean of theology at University of Wittenberg.During a trip to his hometown of Eisleben, he died on February 18, 1546, at age 62. Through his studies of scripture, Martin Luther finally gained religious enlightenment. Beginning in 1513, while preparing lectures, Luther read Psalm 22, which recounts Christ’s cry for mercy on the cross, a cry similar to his own disillusionment with God and religion. Two years later, while preparing a lecture on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans he read, The just will live by faith. He dwelled on this statement for some time. Finally, he realized the key to spiritual salvation was not to fear God or be enslaved by religion but to believe that faith alone would bring

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