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The King of Kings The United States over a hundred years ago was a country separated into two, not divided by land, water, or nations. Our country was divided by color, yes by the color of a person skin decided where you could eat, sit, stand, use the bathroom, and go to school. Most colored folks were slaves who worked long hours and were treated unfairly. One man refused to live in segregation, which went by the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. With little to no education most blacks could not read, write, or count money; the little that they had. The southern states of America were against blacks and whites being in the same place, but blacks was forced to move out of their seats on the bus and had to walk-in the back door’s of restaurants. The northern states allowed coloreds to stay seated on the bus and allowed to eat in front with white folks, but some northern whites still had their southern morals by refusing to serve the colored. A country that was develop from all types of people from different nations over the world came here to make a new beginning for mankind, they started the nation off on the wrong foot by making the negro’s slaves of the states. Until the man who will change history not just for blacks, but for every human being. A man who last name is King, in his mind character, a heart he was truly a king to the people at this time. What motivated Martin Luther King Jr. to become the leader he was, writing one of the most prolific speeches of all time? To understand what type of man Martin Luther King Jr. was, you have to know his background and the sittings that influence him. His mother and father Alberta Williams King (Mama King) and Michael King Sr.(Daddy King and Martin Luther King Sr.) were married on November 25, 1926(Carson 1). Daddy King was born in 1899, one out of ten children and worked in a field until the age of fourteen.

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