Martin Kellerman's Rock Essay

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Martin Kellerman's Rocky is the most entertaining comic I have ever encountered. Perhaps this is because I have not read many comics, however the work of Martin Kellerman is definitely worth checking out. Rocky, the lead character, is based on Kellerman's life and the daily experiences of his closest friends growing up in Stockholm. This nonchalant autobiographical Swedish comic strip gives readers a fascinating look into the indulgent lifestyle of the artist. Martin Kellerman was born on December 24, 1973 in Vaxjo, Sweden and started selling comics at the age of thirteen. His most famous creation, Rocky, was inspired from his trials and tribulations of getting fired from a cartoonist position at “Aktuell Rapport” magazine, along with the result of a devastating break-up. The anthropomorphic dog Rocky and the everyday life situations concerning the circle of friends, are the main focus of thus comic strip. Every canine character in the strip portrays an outrageous personality. Although Rocky was picked up by “Aftonbladet and Dagens Nyeter”, it was originally published in the free newspaper “Metro Stockhom” in 1998. In addition to his success with the Rocky comic, he has also written and directed a successful stage play based on Rocky. The strips are hilarious jokes that occasionally tie together into short sketches. They mainly depict endeavors of infamy, family issues and relationships.The artist is not trying to encourage profound thoughts, he is simply celebrating the lifestyle of his circle. The cartoon strip is written to connect with others living such similar style of life. Martin Kellerman's portrayal of Rocky is so genuine and uncomplimentary that it's challenging not to feel an actual human connection with this cartoon dog. The message is to get the reader to laugh along with Rocky and his acquaintances and Kellerman brings justice to such content.

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