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On May 12, 1914, 94 years to the day after the birth of Florence Nightingale, another influential nursing theorist was born, Martha Rogers. The eldest of four children Martha earned her Diploma in nursing from Knoxville General Hospital in 1936 followed in 1937 by her Bachelors of Science from Peabody College in Nashville. She later acquired two master’s degrees, one as a teacher and one in public health. She spent her early career in rural public health nursing and visiting nurse supervision, education and practice. In 1954 she was granted a Doctor of Science degree from John Hopkins. After completion of this degree she accepted the position of nursing faculty and head of the division of nursing at New York University (NYU). During her 21 year tenure at NYU she revised curriculum, utilized theory based learning and established a 5 year Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree. It was during this time that she developed the conceptual framework for her theory, the Science of Unitary Human Beings (SUHB) in nursing practice.(Alligood 2014 ) SUHB provides a framework for education, research and a nursing practice that moves dramatically away from the medical model and focuses on the delivery of nursing care. SUHB operates on five basic assumptions: wholeness, openness, undirectionality, pattern and organization and lastly, sentience and thought. (Rogers 1970) The client is considered as a unified whole, an interaction between the person and their environment. The two continuously exchange energy and are interdependent on each other. Life is a process which exists within the scientific model of the space/time continuum and individuals are identified by their pattern and organization ( Rogers 1970) Lastly, human beings are the only organism to have developed the ability to think abstractly, have emotion and language. The four main topics addressed by Rogers:

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