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In past year over two hundred thefts have been reported to the Georgia State University police and less than five percent of the time the perpetrator is caught. Theft is the most common crime committed on American college campuses and is becoming a problem at Georgia State University. Each college or university that experiences theft on their campus handles it differently. Increasing the amount of policemen on campus helps create the illusion of a strong police presence and can help deter anyone from committing the crime. Educating the students and faculty about crime prevention and awareness can also lessen the amount of crime on campus. These are two different ways that Georgia State could take help prevent crime occurring on campus. Atlanta is among one of the leading states for crime in the US and last year alone reported thirty six thousand two hundred and sixty-two property; over four thousand more than previous year. Students and faculty that live in the city understand the problem intimately, living with it every day. These groups of locals who use the school possess a sense of awareness or understanding of the problems the city faces and therefore are better equipped to deal with these issues. According to an article in Africa News written by Joan Dane, they are having a similar problem in Namibia, “Most students come from a home environment where they were not responsible for security and hence are not used to taking a personal role in securing the campus residence and their property.” A lot of the students attending GSU are not from or have never lived in Atlanta before. This new life style requires a new type of awareness and ability to look after and secure their personal belongings. All incoming freshmen attending Georgia State are required by the school to attend an orientation. This freshman orientation covers many different subjects, from

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