Marriage Then and Now

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Marriage: Then and Now By: Hannah Brown Some say that marriage is sharing an emotional, spiritual, and sexual connection so strong that it should be inconceivable to ever seperate, but for many that is not the case. In the 2007 film Waitress written and produced by Adrienne Shelly, it depicts an unhealthy image of marriage. Throughout this movie is shows many aspects and similarities that can be related to the article "Marriage: Then and Now" by Stephanie Coontz. Throughout the article it is expressed that the history of marriage has been primarily known for being a label which served as a controlling process in social situtations, political partnerships and sexual obligations in each others lives. Romance and love were not the focus in a marriage but rather about power and control, usually within the husbands decisions. Women were identified as property and second-handed individuals at this time. Expectations of the wife were to produce children and be a satisfying partner, as the husband is in command of the household. Nevertheless as time passed on, marriage slowly transformed from being a social purpose to the pursuit of success in a satisfying marriage. Women were told that the key to happiness was being a good housewife and mother at this time. In the movie Waitress the story relates to many of the matters brought up throughout the article. The main character Jenna is married to a very controlling and manipulative man named earl. He too expects his wife to maintain household jobs, produce children and too satisfy him. As his wife, Jenna made all his meals and was guillted into wanting to make a happy marriage even though she was not happy at all. As the article discussed how woman were to act and follow through with certain expectaions, Jenna as well had to ask for Earls permission. Even to do simple things she must follow his rules as he is
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