Marriage-- the Right of All Essay

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Marriage: The Right of All Same-sex marriage. It has been thought of as taboo in our culture for so many years. It has only been recently that the news really started broadcasting this issue to the world. That effort has been minimal to say the least. The United States has started to implement a semi-solution to the problem that faces so many citizens. The US has started issuing out civil unions as a way to make amends with the situation. This ploy, although it is a step in the right direction, still is not up to par with what most of the advocates want: marriage equality for all, not some. So I ask you, why should we not allow same-sex marriage? What is preventing us from sharing equality among all citizens? Nothing and everything at the same time, strange concept isn’t it? Coming from an unmarried and unbiased opinion, I believe same-sex marriage should be allowed under our Constitution. History of America and same-sex marriage/rights Sexuality has always been seen as an off-limits topic for many in the United States. Basically as long as we do not speak about it, it does not happen. This attitude has definitely carried over into law-making decisions, as in the case with the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell provision in the military. This provision basically stated that military workforces could not discriminate against or harass closeted members or applicants, but they could reject openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual applicants from military service (10 USC Sec. 654). This was an absurd provision and as of July of last year, the provision was barred from further enforcement (NBC News). Even before all of this happened same-sex marriage was brought to the attention of Congress with a 1993 case in Hawaii. An article by Time discusses how, “…judges found that the state's constitution required a compelling reason not to extend to gays equal marriage rights. The ruling prompted

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