Marriage Should Expire After Ten Years

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Marriage is a sacred ceremony wherein the couple exchange vows infront of God. The process called marriage is a proof that the couple love each other and that they will not allow any temptations or challenges destroy their relationship. Once the couple are already married, they do not have any choice rather than to love and embrace the weakness and strengths of each other. Marriage is forever and it is not a game that when you are not anymore happy playing it, you can divert your attention into an another game. It is not like clothes either that when it is no longer the trending fashion, you can just buy one for you. There are those couples who misunderstood each other but because they love each other, they are fixing it. If you have plans of proposing a law saying that marriage shall expire after 10 years then you are immoral. You are disobeying the rules of God in the bible. Marriage is permanent and no one can change this fact. It is not a food that when it is hot, we can spit it or else when it is spoiled we can immediately throw it. We agree to get married because we know we are already mature to face all the challenges in life. If your reason of passing this law is just because your relationship is not working then that is no longer our fault. Once you are married, you have to face life with your husband or wife and not alone. Imagine a girl or a boy who are happy with their children? What will gonna happen to their family if they are only given just a span of time to be with each other? You are selfish if that’s the case because you are only thinking about your emotions and forget about those who will suffer once your marriage expires. Now tell me, you do not feel any love towards your partner that is why you want it to expire? How about your children who believes that they have a whole and happy family? Will you deprive them of their right of having one
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