Marriage In Pride And Prejudice

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Which type of marriage does Jane Austen recommend in Pride and Prejudice? In this novel Jane Austen writes about three different types of marriage. There is marriage for love, lust and money. Austen uses the Bennet family to show all the good and bad reasons behind marriage. Mr and Mrs Bennet’s marriage is the perfect example of marriage for lust. Mr Bennet admits marrying Mrs Bennet because he was ‘captivated by youth and beauty’ but Mrs Bennet’s ‘weak understanding and illiberal mind’ and her deteriorating beauty prevented them from enjoying each other’s company. Mrs Bennet is a very annoying woman, whose intention is to get all of her daughters married off, probably because she felt a social and financial pressure pushing her to do so as women could not acquire money on their own without inheriting or marrying into good fortune, but she doesn’t realise it is partly her fault that they are not getting any offers. Mrs Bennet is not very intelligent, it was just her beauty and youth that caught Mr Bennet’s eye. She is an embarrassment to the family with all the gossiping she does and is one of the main causes Darcy does not find Bingley and Jane’s relationship acceptable. Mr Bennet married her for lust and now he has to put up with her ‘poor nerves’. I think that Austen is showing readers that marrying only for physical appearance is wrong, as beauty fades with time. Another example of marriage for lust is the marriage of Wickham and Lydia, but this marriage was also for money. Lydia is flirtatious and had her eye on the officers for a long time. She only fell in love with Wickham when he turned his attention to her. She liked him a lot more than he cared for her because he was only after her fortune and she wanted his love. He used their marriage money for paying his many debts, so she married a man that didn’t care for her and he married a girl that can’t
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