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Gwendolyn Proctor Marriage Definition Effective Writing ENG 102-01 February 15, 2012 Marriage Definition Marriage is a legal contract or a social union that unites people of the opposite sex who agree to live as a husband and a wife. Marriage is an institution where people acknowledge interpersonal relationships, which is usually sexual and intimate. Most people and cultures formalize a marriage union through a wedding ceremony. Religious marriage limits marriages to two persons from the same sex, but different cultures allow and accept same sex marriage and polygamous marriage (Vacek, 17-19). Different people marry for many reasons depending on their understanding of marriage. Reasons for marriage include emotional, social, legal, religion and spiritual obligations. In legal terms, legal marriage is a binding contract between two people who decide to join their lives, income and possessions. The state recognizes such marriages and it requires the joined parties to stay together until their death. However, it is only possible to dissolve the marriage contract by following through the legal process to get a divorce. In sociological perspectives, marriage is an environment where children are born and brought up by a mother and a father. Marriage relationship forms a family unit that consists of a father, mother and children. Beyond the legal definition of marriage, in my understanding, religious marriage means the agreement between a woman and a man. They agree to become a husband and wife and take vows that bind them until death. Such vows include cherishing one another, staying together, taking care of one another through health and sickness, loving one another and being with each 3 other for better or for worse. The two people make a covenant between themselves and God under religious institutions.

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