Marriage And Famiy Essay

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Marriage and Family in America In chapter 9 of Marriage and Family in America, the author explains marriage in America. He explains the trials that come with being married in modern day America. The biggest problem seems to be divorce. A divorce is a legal dissolution or separation or a marriage. “Between 40 and 50 percent of all American marriages will fail. An even higher percentage of second marriages will end in divorce.” Marriage is a highly publicized event. According to a set of statistics, 85% of Americans will marry at some point in their lives, and 99% say they plan to do so.” For some people marriage is just another part of life. The question is, why do we continue to wed, despite the fact that most people, statistically, have experienced or witnessed divorce? Unfortunately marriage has become very untraditional. In the olden days getting a divorce was frowned upon. Couples purposely stayed together despite their martial issues. Getting a divorce is actually a sin in most religions. It is shown that Americans are less likely to get married. Marriage has declined 50% from 1970 to 2004. There is also a decrease in the occurrence of people who have previously been married to get remarried. Divorce doesn’t just have an emotional toll on couples, but also a very costly one. “Marriages that end in divorce also are very costly to the public.” It was found that a single divorce costs state and federal governments about 30,000 dollars, determined by the use of food stamps and public housing. The nation’s 1.4 billion divorces in 2002 are estimated to have cost tax payers more than 30 million dollars. The good news is, the divorce rate has declined slightly since hitting the highest point in the 1980’s. The divorce rate was at a standstill for about two decades after World War 2 during the baby boom. Instead of getting married, the numbers of

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