Marriage And Family Essay

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Marriage & Family Chapter 12 In every Culture Marriage and Family are very important, but they customs, beliefs and way of life are all different in many ways. What we Americans or “westerns” belief as Marriage, may be viewed totally different in another part of the world. Such as in many family in India it is the parents responsibly to pick who their son/or daughter marries. They believe only the parents can make the right decision on which their perfect spouse will be. In parts in Africa it is common for men to have more than one wife, for example three. To help do daily work, such as caring for children, work in the fields, and prepare food. Marriage to these people is more like a partnership, than a loving marriage. The word “Love” does not exist, unlike in America when a Man and Woman take a promise to God to Love and care for that person for as long as you both shall live. There is no connection between them, just the title they have come to be given. Another form of marriage found in three major regions of the world, such as Tibet, Nepal, and southern India is Polyandry, which is the marriage of two or three brothers to one wife. This is something I can’t really understand, I cannot see myself, along with my brother marrying the same woman, but this is a custom that is respected in that part of the world. Marriage is also a strong Economic custom such as a Man may marry a person’s daughter, only if they provide a form of payment, such as money, cattle or other forms of trade. Doing these acts to earn the respect of the family, for letting you marry their daughter. It is very interesting learning about and coming to understand different customs of marriage in other cultures. You become a custom to the way things are around you, and it is always interesting to learn about what others call normal. Reference: * General Reading: Robert
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