Marriage and Family Essay

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Week 5 You Decide Marriage and Family SPR B Professor Angelica Mckinney Jun 5, 2013 Leonora will have to express to Joshua that she is angered about him wanting her to stay out of the workplace for so long, but express herself in a positive manner. She should just weigh out all the pros and cons to her returning and not returning to work and how it will affect the household and child. They should both look at the situation from each other’s perspective maybe even doing some role play so that each party can grasp what the other party is saying. The situation can be more readily rectified if each party fully understands where the other is coming from. Leonora should not badger Joshua and not solely talk about her career and how staying at home is going to affect her future. The whole conversation should be based on what is the best course of action for the entire family and not one individual in particular. The couple should always be clear and upfront with each other and say what is exactly on their mind about the situation but do it in a respectful manner. The fact that you are up front and honest about the situation of staying at home or your child attending daycare never be sarcastic about the situation try to keep an open mind about both point of views. Leonora and Joshua should make sure that they pick the proper time and setting so that they can discuss the issue at hand. The wrong place and time can definitely lead to an unproductive discussion about the matter at hand. The couple should definitely sit down and be open to all options that are put on the table and should always keep an open mind. There are instances where a compromise

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