Marriage and Family Essay

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Marriage and Family Professor Scheier Tiffany Wright Chapter 1 3. What important changes in family patterns do you see today? Do you see positive changes, negative changes, or both? What do they mean for families, in your opinion? When I was growing up, we made sure family time was just that. No TV during dinner, homework was done at the table and we chose a day that we would all go out and do something as a family. Now days in other families that’s not the case. Things have changed so much over the years. We are lucky if kids want to be in the same room with us. Television and video games have taken the place of family time, and has drastically changed family dynamics. I think this problem will continue to get worse before we see any positive change. 4. What are some examples of a personal or family problem that is at least partly a result of problems in the society? Drug abuse plays a big part in the destruction of family relationships. People get caught up in peer pressure and it all starts with someone saying here try some, you’re not cool if you don’t. Personalities change and it divides the family. The person secludes themselves and they begin to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Financial issues caused by our declining economy causes problems in the home. Anytime finances become an issue, families argue and that’s stressful for the entire family. Chapter 2 Contributions and critiques of the family ecology perspective. I choose a photo out of our living Buddhism (my religious publications) about a family that lost everything due to the economy. In the article it talked about the father losing his job because the company down sized. They had no money and they lived out of their car for a little while, but that was soon reposed. They pulled together as a family of four to try to live a normal life despite what was going on. As a family they

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