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Divorce is reaching epidemic proportions in the United States. Many marriages have problems; it’s part of the today world. “People today are living complicated lives. It is hard to focus on the most important priorities when we are multitasking to the point of exhaustion.” (Rogers, Richard). “The most common problems in a marriage are finances, intimacy, sharing of responsibilities, children, communication, likes and dislikes, in-laws, which all become a disruption of the relationship between spouses.” (Borneman, John). Many have faced similar problems in their marriages and have been able to overcome them. “A young couple marrying for the first time today has a lifetime divorce risk of 40%, and approximately 31% of people, aged 35 to 54, who are married, engaged, or share a house have already been previously divorced.” (Knight, Kevin). In fact, by resolving problems in their relationships, many marriages have been strengthened and had better outcomes. Therefore, in dealing with problems in a marriage, “the best approach is to be prepared to work together and try out the possible solutions.” (Hackstaff, Karla). “To successfully deal with marriage problems, understanding and commitment are two of the core fundamentals.” (Rogers, Richard). Marriage is never going to be perfect, there will always be hills and valleys. “There is no doubt that almost every one of divorced couples didn’t say, “Help me save to my marriage”, before finalizing their split.” (Borneman, John). “The first step forward to saving a marriage is counseling. Couples therapy helps spouses discuss problems in a neutral environment. This environment allows partners to concentrate on their situation and not lose perspective.” (Nijole, Benokraitis ). Counseling may be expensive and unaffordable for some couples but it is a good program to get advice and save ones marriage. Husbands and wives

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