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I. Introduction Divorce rates have dramatically increased over the past years. The main reason why a couple would go through a divorce is because they are just not compatible. Other reasons why marriages fail can be because of the stress that comes after marriage and also, because of the lack of communication between each other. Nowadays, people get married within months or even days from meeting and don’t even get the time to get to know one another. In order to save yourself from ending up in a failed marriage, couples should be put to the test to see if they’re meant to be. New Jersey should require marriage classes before issuing marriage licenses. II. Finding out compatibility A. There’s a saying that opposites attract, but that isn’t necessarily true. If a talkative person were to be matched up with someone who is quiet, the quiet one may get annoyed and the talkative one may be annoyed that the other one always keep to themselves. B. Agreeing with each other is very important in a relationship. When both people want something different, they need to learn how to resolve the issue and agree with each other. C. Marriage classes can help couples communicate well with each other. For example, when something is bothering one person, it’s important to discuss it rather than keep it to oneself and never fix it. D. It can be hard to get along with other people. If two people cannot get along, they are just going to fight all the time. III. Avoid domestic violence A. One person in the relationship may be verbally/physically abusive. B. Abuse usually doesn’t show until later in the relationship. C. With classes, there is time to really see who it is that you’re really marrying. D. To save yourself from being a victim, take a really good look at that person and take time to get to know them. IV. Stress of marriage A. Stress can be both good and bad for

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