Marlin's Dynamic Character In Finding Nemo

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In Finding Nemo, Marlin, the clown fish, is a dynamic character. After losing his wife and the babies, Marlin was traumtized and became overly protective regarding Nemo for he is the only one Marlin has left. He changed throughout the story. Marlin climbed the first step of change when Dory and him encountered with the group of jellyfish and the sea turtles. Marlin was able to escape and win the game. When he then looked back for Dory, he couldn't find her anywhere. This portrayed brave action of Marlin because he went back to save Dory knowing the danger he could be in when he clearly could've left her and save himself. After the horrid experience with the jelly fish, they got saved by the group of sea turtles. Marlin and Dory befriended with the turtles and Marlin got advice from Crush in parenting. Next, the duo got lost in the polluted…show more content…
Nemo said that he would swim inside the net and tell all the other fish to swim down, but there was, however, one thing stopping them. Marlin. Nemo was able to convince his dad in letting him attempt this.This was the biggest decision Marlin had ever made. There was no way the old Marlin would let Nemo take this risk even if it was for Dory because it's simply too dangerous and with Nemo's bad fin, he wouldn't want to risk it. However, he learned to let go and believe that Nemo can do this and with Marlin's approval Nemo was suceeded in his plan and the fish, including Dory were freed. Marlin, the coward crown fish in the bildungsroman film “Finding Nemo” is a dynamic character. He went through transformation from the beginning and to the end in the adventure. Marlin used to be scared, protective, strict, and had trust issues, but now he's different. He is brave and he finally learned to trust others and to let go off his son and let him grow up and be

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