Marley And Me Essay

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The most inspirational book in publication today is, by far, Marley & Me. This story is about a crazy, neurotic, playful Labrador Retriever who is bought by John and his wife Jenny. They bring home the puppy and name him Marley in honor of their favorite singer, Bob Marley. Marley turned out to be untrainable, uncommandable, and destructive dog. He had the most corks and nuts loose in his head then Jenny and John ever thought was possible. At times they grew tired and frustrated with Marley and wondered how they ended up with the “world’s worse dog”. Although Marley had every bad habit in the obedience handbook, he was part of John and Jenny’s family since day one. Marley & Me showed something that not many nonfiction books do; unconditional love. Despite Marley’s short-comings he was always dedicated to being with the family. Whether it was one of the kids, John, or Jenny if they were sick he would lay by them, if they were tired he would let them rest their head on him; even if they had just scolded him, he would lay by their feet as an act of apology. Marley & Me illustrated an inspirational story about how unrestricted love overpowers all the negative things that one can do. I have a four-old-year Yorkshire Terrier named Max. I begged and pleaded with my parents for years upon years to get him. Finally in 2004 on Fathers’ Day my wish was fulfilled. We drove up to Vincent, New Jersey to a breeder that had one larger male nine week old puppy left. Max turned out to be a handful of a dog. Thankfully he potty-trained in about two months, which was probably the saving grace that kept my mom from returning him to the breeder as she threatened everyday for a year. Max could chew through any toy in a matter of minutes. Max’s favorite things are socks; especially if they are dirty. If he gets a sock, he locks his jaw and hides under the couch

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