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Professionalism The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines professionalism as the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. Yet the White Paper on Pharmacy Student Professionalism says it is displaying values, beliefs and attitudes that put the needs of another about your personal needs. There is still another definition. The Medical Professionalism Project says professionalism is the basis of medicine's contract with society. It demands placing the interests of patients above those of the physician, setting and maintaining standards of competence and integrity, and providing expert advice to society on matters of health.... [tags: Pharmacy Profession] 1083 words (3.1 pages) $6.95 [preview] Professionalism in Nursing - ... Holding no professionalism will lead to employees wont take it seriously but refer to it as a place where they stay till something better comes up. There are professional boundaries that every employee should be conscious of, these include; relationships, communications, self disclosure, exploitation, and breaches in confidentiality. The public holds an employee to a higher esteem than people who are only interested in the benefits rather then the job itself. Compassion plays a huge role in the professional esteem.... [tags: Nursing ] :: 2 Works Cited 1014 words (2.9 pages) $6.95 [preview] Professionalism and Librarianship - ... In his critique, Goode indicated that librarianship failed to meet the criteria of a profession, lacking an authoritative service orientation (Harris 20). An occupation must display an authoritative orientation towards clients, to be considered a profession. Dictating to the layman, the professions, as trait theory advances, dictates client needs and controls information passage to clients (Nelson 2032). Goode stated that librarianship’s orientation towards

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