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Abstract Internet marketing involves marketing of products and services with the Internet being medium. It is a cheaper means of dissemination of information reaching global audience. Currently, internet is proving to be a major source of various information. People are multitasking through the internet some get entertained while transacting business. The internet has been rated to be the fastest and the most convenient way of advertising a product. Compared to other methods of promotion, internet marketing reaches a bigger audience relatively cheaper. Business owners have testified benefiting with the internet being their way of doing business effectively and efficiently. When a product or service is promoted through internet, response can be instant as compared to other ways of promotion where you may have to wait for ages as well. Several results and varieties are just a single click away. Web site marketing also called E-marketing can be a profession. It can provide freelance jobs. Though online marketing can be slightly different from marketing in general but the approach is the same in both cases .however online marketers must have full knowledge on the latest technologies involving computers and other technological advancement. Successful internet marketing should be strategic .to succeed, you need to develop and implement a strategic plan that covers on: having a great product, hitting marketing strategy and a selling website. All these steps are paramount to the overall strategy and need to be fully developed. The first step towards developing a great product is to posses an implementation mind. Personally develop and deliver the product over the net .It has been argued that every one is specialized in some area .Therefore use the skills and the talents in you to design a product because absolutely that is the

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