Marketing Unit 3 D1

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* Introduction * In this part I will evaluate the effectiveness of techniques used by Mc Donald’s. I will make judgements on the strengths and weaknesses of each technique stating why I have made the judgement. I will base my evaluation on simple numerical scale of 1 to 10. I will identify potential areas for improvement and changes that I could make based on my evaluation. * Branding. * Mc Donald’s used branding in their products, in terms of slogans and their logo, overall in the world everybody knows their slogan “I’m lovin’ it”. This sentence is always connected to Mc Donald’s. This is effective, as more people will know them and more importantly more people will remember Mc Donald’s, because of these catchphrases. The strength of this technique is that more people will be reached, and everybody will link a certain sentence to Mc Donald’s, when people will hear it they will get hungry and want to eat at Mc Donald’s. The weakness of this technique could be that people could get a bad idea of the slogan, however Mc Donald’s has made excellent use of this technique, and that is why it has been successful. Furthermore, Mc Donald’s has their famous Golden arches. This is most probably one of the most best recognized brand logos in the world. Their logo shows simplicity because of the golden arches forming an “M” of Mc Donald’s. It is made catchy by the colour of their logo. Red and yellow stand out in highways and in town, this is a good strength of their branding, as people will be attracted to their restaurants, and this will improve their customer relationship, as people will be more attracted to Mc Donald’s, because of their effective branding strategy. A weakness of this technique is that if Mc Donald’s had not bought any patents, trademarks and copyrights on their branding, other companies could have stolen it off them. Another weakness could be

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