Marketing to Generation Y Essay

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Activity: Gen Y Mark Johnson Activity: Gen Y What advice would you give to a marketer who wants to appeal to Gen Y? As the effectiveness of older marketing techniques like celebrity endorsements begins to fade it is extremely important for companies to reinvent themselves and continuously change their marketing techniques. Gen Yers are not afraid of change and see the use of new ideas as innovative, progressive, and exciting (Solomon, 2012). Businesses must not be afraid to stay relevant and up to date. Gen Y has grown up with the use of household computers and instantaneous information allowing them to adapt quickly to new information and ideas relatively easily. Although Gen Y likes to be a part of new and exciting ways of doing business they also like companies to stay true to themselves (Solomon, 2012). Just because a company has a new way of appealing to their generation does not mean they have to change what they represent. What are major do’s and don’ts? There are several marketing techniques that will either get companies ‘in’ with the generation Yers or leave them sitting on the outside looking in. There are two don’t that are critical to remaining on the good side of the Gen Y consumers. The first one as our book reads is, “Don’t talk down” (Solomon, 2012, pg. 503). As consumers in Gen Y are getting older they dislike the feeling of being talked down to. More and more of Gen Y’s consumers are graduating from either college or high school and are becoming productive members of society. Although there are still some young consumers in the Gen Y the majority are growing up fast and like to receive the respect from other professionals as well as the companies that sell them their products. The second thing business should avoid while marketing to Gen Y is ‘beating around the bush’ style. Gen Yers like no nonsense, no bull crap techniques where

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