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Marketing The Senses Essay

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Marketing the Senses

Eric Weimerskirch
BUS350: Consumer Behavior
August 1, 2011

Our senses help us survive.   The five senses are mankind’s tools for life which without we would surely have not made it this far up the food chain.   So, it is only fitting that every advertisement relates to some sense: be it touch, taste, smell, sound or visual aspect- the marketing world molds consumer emotion through the senses.   Sensory marketing reaches the clientele on subconscious levels which relates and correlates with a need or want.   By recognizing the sensory stimuli a marketing campaign can further excel on a variety of levels.

Marketing the Senses
Consumers recognize stimuli which are transformed through sensations and reach a meaningful attribution which, in turn, becomes part of our long or short term memory storage.   So, the cognitive process starts with these sensory stimuli much like our ancestors have used thousands of years prior to separate the rotting fruit from good, the precious stones from the ordinary, or a diseased animal from a worthy meal.   Today the five senses are utilized so target markets can be reached.

As to not overload the senses, most advertisements tend to not using more than two sensory stimuli when promoting the product.   However, “brands need to explore several senses and various stimuli in order to create a positive and deeper consumer involvement.” (Ferreira)   Though advertisers only typically resort to one or two sensory stimuli when creating a marketing structure that is not to say the consumer does not use more than one or two to explore the product.   We interact with thousands of stimuli responses every day and will use them on a variety of products in a variety of ways.

In a study done in 2005 titled BRAND Sense, consumers were asked to rate their senses according to importance when it comes to choosing product and brand merchandise.   Not surprisingly, sight topped the chart at 58% leading smell...

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