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Marketing Management (MBA 104) TERM PAPER MARRKETING STRATEGIES IN WORLD OF REAL ESTATE AUTHOR NAME- ROHIT SHARMA CLASS- MBA GEN 2011-13 SECTION- D ROLL NO.- 32 ENROLLMENT NO- A0101911123 COAUTHOR NAME – MANOJ GOEL DESIGNATION- VICE PREIDENT MARKETING AND SALES ORGANISATION NAME- MANISHA KEYBEE HOUSING PROJECTS OFFICE ADDRESS- B-17, sector-61, Noida (U.P.) CONTACT NO. - +919650835000 E- MAIL – Executive Summary This case study discusses about Manisha Keybee Housing Projects a firm that is in real estate business and has come up with a new residential project Marvel Homes in Noida sector- 61, The case study talks about various challenges that the organization faced in marketing and executing of their project, firstly it tells us about the background of the company about its members about their shares, then it talks about the projects that the firm has undertaken in the past, later on it talks about its latest project Marvel Homes, It also talks about the worth of the project Marvel Homes and overall worth of the projects that the firm has taken in the past and future projects. The case study also discuss about the fierce competition in the world of real estate and the challenges that the firm faces due to a large number of competitors and about the strength of the Manisha Keybee Housing Projects as a firm which enabled the firm to have an edge over its competitors, it also showcases various distinctive features that Marvel Homes as a product has to entice potential customers like 24 hrs power backup, round the clock security etc, It also demonstrates various intelligent and clever moves taken by Mr. Manoj Goel (vice president sales and marketing ) to market their product to the end users, It discusses various famous marketing techniques such Branding, Product Design, Pricing etc. which most of us know but don’t know their

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