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Team Case: A TURNAROUND KING HELPS BURGER KING RECOVER Nora Kennedy, Carrie Miller, Jake Kral 1. “A turnaround King Helps Burger King Recover” is an article discussing the decline and rise in the profitability of Burger King through a change in leadership. In the article, one of the target market discussed was a $340 million campaign directed at teenage males. Recently in Burger King Commercials, the company has been targeting women with their new fresh products such as fruit smoothies and garden salads. For Burger King, the specific group of customers on which marketing efforts is focused or target market is young families with children and teens, mostly male, which have enough discretionary income to eat out on occasion. The marketing mix, which is four marketing activities—product, distribution, promotion, and pricing—that a firm can control to meet the needs of customers within its target markets, is done very well by Burger King. The product/service that they serve to customers varies, the main sellers are hamburgers and French fries, but they also give a service of convenient food that is prepared fast. Burger King’s pricing differs by product but they have a range from dollar menu items to premium burgers for around $3.99. The company’s distribution is operated via franchises and have their restaurants placed in primary locations. Lastly, the promotion of the company is through multiple forms of media including commercials, internet and newspaper ads, TV show sponsorships, and more. 2. Targeting teenage males at the expense of other markets, especially women could very well be an appropriate strategy. Although some franchisees were unhappy about the ad campaign that targeted teenage males at the expense of other market segments, especially women, a spokeswoman for Burger King says that sales—the only way to measure success—have been up since the

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