Marketing Survey of Hair Salon Industry Essay

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INTRODUCTION: Speaker notes. A service delivery is a process where more often it requires the participation of customers in order to experience the services by providing inputs to the employee. Modern model of the service delivery process. Speaker notes. In the service delivery context, the service employee in an organization provides the service ( goods) to the customers, who in turn, consumes the experience and returns the payment for the services rendered. But the modern framework depicts that there is a barrier which separates the provider from the customer (consumer). There is no interactive relationship between the service employees and consumers in the production-consumption experience as a whole. Why hair salons. ? Speaker notes It is a highly service oriented industry. The hair salons are one of those which provide variety of experiences in their service delivery. Not only different styles of hair cut, but also other kinds of services like facial, pedicure and manicure etc. The experience is relatively interactive than any other services because of the fact that requires involvement from both the sides. For a satisfactory service, it needs a lot of interaction. Also, hair salons are more accessible in Manchester, or in any urban area for that matter. Because it is more essential part in our lives. Customer roles Speaker notes A Customer’s role plays an important part in the service delivery. A customer has to play an effective role by working along with the service provider. The customer has to take responsibility to get what they want. Also, regular customer feedback is important. A customer who experiences a service delivery is often termed as a partial employee of that service organization (ie) we as an employee had to participate in the process in terms of providing inputs to the employee. Without our instruction, the employee won’t be able to

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