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Assignment 4 Submitted to Dr. K. Chappell In partial fulfillment of MGMT 100 By Mingzhe Han – 35398130 Tony Wang – 33158130 Date: November 26th, 2013 A bathroom door’s handle is one of the top 22 germ infected items of all time, with 121 bacteria per square inch (Nancy, 2007). Despite what one might think, bathroom door handles are one of the dirtiest places for germs to gather, far surpassing bacterial count on other bathroom faucets such as toilet seats (Purrington, 2011). With such a high germ count, consumers as well as workers in public spaces are constantly exposed to the danger of both receiving and transmitting diseases. Fortunately, our company has developed an alternative method that will reduce the amount of germs that are infecting these public areas. The Toepener is a device invented to allow individuals to open washroom doors with their feet. It will provide consumers an effective way of opening the door without soiling their hands. With the Toepener, there is great profit to be made. As of currently, the Toepener retails for $49.95. Given that 50 units have already been sold, our company has decided to keep the Toepener around the same price range, as consumers are willing to purchase the product for such a price. To advertise and to market our products, we will be focusing on campaigning through such various forms of media as newspapers, television and viral advertising. The details of this will be more focused later on. To begin with a marketing strategy, our company must have a target demographic that this product will appeal to. Due to the Toepener's moderate price, the Toepener will be mainly accepted by groups of consumers who are more oriented on hygiene and cleanliness. Workplaces that are required to be hygienic such as restaurants or hospitals will be the primary target of this product. As having a dirty environment will

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