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Marketing Strategy Essay

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Among the organizations in China,   Mengniu   is the most excel at developing market strategy and managing the marketing process, its story has become the legend of   Chinese private-owned enterprise.   China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited is a manufacturing and distribution company of dairy products and ice cream in China. The company is based in Inner Mongolia and manufactures dairy products under the Mengniu brand. The name Mengniu literally means “Mongolia cow”. The owner and founder of Mengniu is Mr Niu Gensheng. He started the company in 1999, when Mengniu ranked 1116 in China dairy companies. After 5 years, Mengniu ranked 1. The company’s textbook growth has swept the country by storm.
Mengniu’s marketing is concerned with the company’s long-run relationships with customers as well as its short-run sales activity. The growth that Mengniu became the leading manufacturer of milk, yoghurt and other dairy products in mainland China, due to its precise market location and highly-profile marketing campaigns . Mr Niu Gensheng is a former employee of Yili, another China dairy giant in Inner Mongolia which is now Mengniu’s largest competitor. Mengniu appends the localization and claimed to be the second brand of Inner Mongolia dairy companies, then the company got rid of all the competitors by standing on the giant Yili’ s shoulders, thus occupying the strategy high point.
Actually both are the event marketing, one such campaign advertised” special milk for China’s astronauts” after the successful launches of the Shenzhou 5 and Shenzhou 6 spacecraft (in fact the company sponsors the Chinese space program), and   Mengniu also sponsored the popular Super Girls contest, a reality show similar to American Idol. Experience marketing is also used by Mengniu. The company build a significant modern pasture and invent customers to visit, in this way, brand image and customer satisfaction are improved.
The success of Mengniu is far more than a simple strategy, or a marketing...

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