Marketing Strategy Essay

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INTRODUCTION The emergence of Internet enabled a low cost of information sharing and dissemination, independent of the existing distance between the producer and the consumer of the information. This new environment allowed access of a growing number of individuals and customers to new kinds of businesses that has been continuously revealed. This novelty is changing the environment where corporations, governments and communities interact. The changes are, especially, in the way information is received, processed, sent and stored. In this new environment, speed, flexibility and innovation are essential. (Winfried Lamersdorf, 2004) The Novelty of bringing out new products into the market with innovates ideas and upgrading it self according to the current market needs with a break through in getting any information on WWW (World Wide Web), Smart Phones and placing it self in various market segemets helped Google to be a Strategic Marketing Planner and to be the among the top most businesses in the dot com industry. Planning Process: There are various formulations of planning process (Boyce et al, 1970; Lichfield et al., 1975; Harris, 1965). Like (a) the formulation of objectives in relation to the general goals, problems and the regional context; (b) the provision of an outline of alternative strategies of growth; (c) the testing and evaluation of alternative strategies; (d) decision making. Lynch (2000) explains that every organization has to manage its strategies in three key areas: The organization’s internal resources, The external environment within which the organization operates, The organization’s ability to add value to what it does and other core elements include clarification of strategic direction , strategic analysis, development of strategic options, strategy implementation and management of strategic change. Traditionally, Google

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