Marketing Strategy Essay

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Introduction Kylie External analysis: 1. SWOT Gladys S: low price, clear image, ethical product W: no simple package, need careful storage O: advanced technology, new social trend T: many brands enter in, limited natural resources 2. Porter’s 5 forces Ada -Threats of substitute: many e.g. Lush, Burt’s Bee, Origin, Botani ( lower market share -Barrier to new entrants: easy to enter the market -Power of supplier: low (supplier are being chosen by body shop) -Power of Buyer: high, many substitute and choices -Existing competition: high( many competitors 3. PESTEL Kimmy P: fair trade, WTO recognize body shop’s effort E: when economic downturn, profit is higher/more branches??? ( show evidence S: highly acceptable, social trend, good perception from outside towards body shop T: use of renewable energy, body shop is the first company to develop by the use of technology, awareness on environmental protection and conservation E: because of above, body shop implement relevant policy to launch relevant activities or events e.g. fund-raising, whale-saving, donations L: testing on animal, non-harmful ingredients to human body 4. Challenges Gladys - Too many competitor - Limitation on production - Relatively low profitability ( compared to other competitor) - Complex production process - risk of fake products - time-consuming on research before selling products - ( anti- animal testing ( may not be similar to the nature of human skin) - No unique/ distinctive product - The brand the product must undergo Product Life Cycle e.g. stagnation/ decline Marketing Strategies 1. STP Angela

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