Marketing Strategies Essay

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Tasty Bakes is a startup company located in Germantown, Tennessee. This boutique bakery offers the advantages of sophisticated cupcakes and other pastry products paired with outstanding customer service in a cozy atmosphere. Tasty Bakes specializes in over thirty different varieties of cupcakes along with twenty icing choices. It offers creative cupcake designs and extensive customization. The bakery also serves brownies, cookies, and coffee. While there are several boutique bakeries in Germantown area, none are able to meet the market specific needs that Tasty Bakes satisfies. The market strategy will be based on a cost effective approach to reach this clearly defined target market. The approach will utilize resources to create awareness of the bakery and encourage customers to benefit from the products the bakery offers. Tasty Bakes will focus on its selection, superior products, innovative designs, and competitive pricing. Parties, reunions, holidays, and family gatherings were a great avenue to introduce delicious tasting cakes with creative design themes. Established and created in 2011, a prestigious company, Tasty Bakes hit the map. It is known as the premier producer of irresistible homemade cakes, cupcakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and special event designer cakes. Taking delicious cakes and other desserts to family gatherings and getting compliments from some of the toughest critics is how Tasty Bakes was established. After numerous family events and friends asking for baked cakes and pies for their special occasion a vision was born, Tasty Bakes. Tasty Bakes is a specialty bake shoppe that strives to offer quality service and extraordinary creations. According to Kingston (2011) it is noted that many people expected cupcakes to be a passing fad, as they became trendy after an episode of the television show "Sex and the City" featured the

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