Marketing Segmentation Essay

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C. Discuss the use of segmentation as a tool in relation to The Merrion Hotel. Introduction As discussed previously in TWOS matrix analysis, it is dearly visible that this is a vital marketing tool in a marketing segmenting, targeting and planning process. In this part of the assignment the author will be discussing the marketing segmentation as a relation to Merrion hotel. What is marketing segmentation? Marketing segmentation distinguish that the people vary in taste, needs, attitudes, lifestyles, family size and composition, etc. Market Segmentation is a conscious approach of expanding market demand by managing marketing efforts at important sub-groups of guests and customers. (Chisnall, 1985, p.264). Kotler (1991) and Weinsten (1995) discuss that the market segmentation is a process of classifying customers and prospects into groups with similar needs and purchasing behaviour. Dalgic and Leeuw (1994, pp.69-82) defined that “effective segmentation allows the firm to select those groups that can be served most profitably and positions the firm to effectively service the needs of those groups.” This section will outline the main role of marketing managers is to persuade customers and control the demand. The more organisations are aware about its guests or customers: needs, wants, feelings, and activities- the better marketing approach can be applied. Marketing segmentation is a continuous process where organisations focus their information of current and potential future guests or customers they are able to supply with their product or service. (Middelton V. 2009) What are luxury hotels? Marketing segmentation for luxury hotels litterture even nowadays has not been seen as a good leading example (Vigeron, 1999 & Johnson, 2004). A background environment of luxury hotels is very difficult to analyse and understand for the researches and marketers.
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