Marketing Research Proposal Essay

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Proposal Background: The University of Whitewater runs an intramural program for both fall and spring. In each season the intramural available differentiate due to the differences in weather. This gives students the opportunity to play sports without having to be on an official Whitewater sport. There are currently 20 intramural sports ranging from Indoor Ultimate Frisbee, flag football, soccer, to 9- hole Golf. This wide variety of sports gives student athletes the ability to find the sport that suits them best and be in more than one intramural sport at time. The intramural sports have their own areas in which to compete in places like the Williams center, Roseman building and the practice fields, each place used to suite each sport adequately. The current Assistant Director of intermural sports is James Friel, he looks over all intramural sports. Students choose their own sports and the teams that they will compete with. To enter an intermural each team signs up with names, ID numbers and team name and must submit them into the intermural offices by a specific date. The problem with this system of sign up for an intramural sport is that students aren’t given adequate time in order to sign up. Students are usually given about a week or less to find a team, gather the necessary information and hand it. Objectives: Find ways to increase participation in Intramural. * Explore earlier notification or extended deadlines. * Find ways to grab the attention of more students. * Figure out the most effective means of communication. Methodology: Primary Research- For our primary research we plan on doing interviews and surveys. For our interview we will be talking to the Assistant Director of intramurals Mr. James Friel. On campus we plan to hand out the surveys at one floor in Wells West, Wells East, and Wellers on October 10th and collect them October

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