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marketing research Essay

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Differences in Customer Perceptions

Three restaurants will be analysed through SPSS to find out the differences in customers perceptions. The SPSS stands for statistical Analysis in Social Science, SPSS is a computer program used for statitiscal analysis, the SPSS contains software such as descriptive analysis, Bivariate analysis, Prediction for numerical outcomes and predicition for identifying products. Three restaurants, Hog’s Breath, LoneStar Steakhouse and Saloon and The Black Angus Steakhouse will be analysed through respondent’s point of views on discussions as large portions, competent employees, food quality atmosphere, speed of service and reasonable prices.


Large Portions

According to the SPSS research, between Hog’s Breath, Lone Star and Black Angus Steakhouse, 65 respondents that went to Hog’s Breath agreed that the portion of Hog’s Breath’s meal are not that big, which correlates at 2.77. Lone Star on the other hand, 49 respondents agreed that the serving size of their meal are fairly large, with 3.39. Meanwhile, Black Angus with 86 respondends agreed that their serving portions are verified large on the scale of 3.57. Based on the findings of large portions, out of the three competitors, Black Angus Steakhouse comes out at the top, as they’re the winners in the large portions sections. Which can be the fact that the customers are receiving value for money.

Competent Employees
49 respondents who went to Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon, agreed that the competency of employees are not at a high level, the respondents rank them at 2.49. Furthermore, 65 respondents that went to Hog’s Breath rank the competent employees level at 3.15. On the other hand, The Black Angus Steakhouse, with 86 respondents agreeing that Black Angus Steakhouse has a high level of competent employees, which the came at 5.15. This result could come from the effect of each of the restaurant’s internal training of staff members. To add on, it is the...

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