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Executive Summary SnoreLess ltd is a newly-established company launching SnoreLess toothpaste. The toothpaste acts as everyday toothpaste whilst preventing the customers snoring. The product will be marketed towards the growing and maturing population whose snoring is an issue for themselves and others. SnoreLess toothpaste will be marketed in the UK; online and through retailers to reach a mass audience. The company will adopt a short channel distribution strategy and intensive distribution. The toothpaste offers excellent value for money and is a clinically-proven snoring remedy. The product is a practical and multi-purpose toothpaste that costs the same as any normal toothpaste. The product USP is its mix of patented ingredients that clean and whiten teeth, and prevent snoring. The company will initially focus on a large advertising campaign to raise awareness of the product. This will include; a TV ad, press releases, billboard posters and a full page national newspaper ad. The competition for the company will be from other snoring solution manufacturers, such as; Breathe Right, Boots’ own brand, and snoring aids sold via the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA. SnoreLess will distribute the product through intermediaries, using short channel distribution. The intermediaries will receive discounts on regular or larder orders to encourage bulk sales. The company will use; 9 different supermarkets, including; Morrisons and Tesco, online retailer Amazon and pharmaceutical company Lloyds Pharmacy. The BSSAA will be approached to sell the product. The biggest threat to SnoreLess will be the continual research and development of new technologies and devices that can nullify snoring altogether making SnoreLess toothpaste almost redundant. SnoreLess plans to deal with this by using R&D to find improvements and new product innovations. An

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