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Marketing Outline Target Market: • Define the target market. o Who are they?  Use specific characteristics to identify what potential customers have in common with each other. o How big is the target market?  What is the growth rate (historical and predicted)?  Are there any changes that will affect the market make up? (affordability, social values/concerns, etc.) o Are there any strategic opportunities as a result of these? • Demographic Description. o Use basic, objective aspects of the customer base • Geographic Description. o What area(s) do we plan to serve? o Why is this the best location for our business? • Does the market have any unique features or dynamics that can be capitalized on? o What are customers interested in? Are there any special places we can advertise in as a result? o What kind of people want or need our product? Why will they buy OUR product? (Use research) o Is there any evidence of market need? Competition: • Who are the major competitors? o What are their strengths/weaknesses? o What is their market share? o How will we take some of their market share? • How does our business compare to the competition? • Are there any future or indirect competitors to consider? o Are there any entry barriers for new competitors? • What makes our product unique? Marketing Plan • How will we reach customers? o (advertising, literature, promotions, trade shows, etc.) • What is the company message? • What are our marketing vehicles? o Fit o Mix o Repetition o Affordability • How is our sales structure organized? o Sales activities o Employee compensation and training o Sales process o What marketing/sales channels will be used? Other things to consider • Community involvement and social responsibility o What is in it for the company?  Visibility  Positive corporate image  Recruitment tool 

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