Marketing Plan of New Product

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Marketing Plan of new product The Coca-Cola Company 1. Executive summary As nowadays people concern about the healthy element of the food and drink, and more and more competitors enter in this soft drink market. To satisfy the needs and wants of customer, the new product, Coca-Cola C+, is an upgraded product of Coca-Cola. It is used the similar ingredient of Coca-Cola but adding vitamin C. Therefore, it has the similar taste of Coca-Cola and customers can absorb vitamin C through drinking this product. As this is a new product, it would be launched in the market at 330ml cans and only for Hong Kong. The market segment targeted for the product is very huge, including all people who aged 12 to 45, and looking for drink on the street, for enjoyment, parties or when they are thirsty. The new product fully uses the current brand name to attract customer to buy. Including many different types of promotion strategy, the demand of this new product could be grown up quickly. 2. Environmental analysis 2.1 PEST analysis Political: Hong Kong Government is concerning the safely and health problems of the food and increase the cost of manufacturing. Economical: The Company will be largely affected by the economic environment as the products are not necessity and people only buy them when they have money. Social: Consumer starts to concern about the health problem and drink less soft drinks. Technological: The Company can manufacture a larger number and lower cost because of the improving making process. 2.2 SWOT analysis | Favorable | Unfavorable | Internal | Strengths-Well-known brand name-Have the dominant position in the soft drink market-The current market channel is very wide | Weaknesses-The drinks are not good for health-Overlooks the market of the elderly | External | Opportunities-The increasing attention for healthy drinks-Healthy food market
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