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Marketing Plan Final Paper Team A MKT/421 September 9, 2008 Lois Zapernick Marketing Plan Final Paper Welcome to the Java Café! Enduring a simple peace of mind for people’s enjoyment, studies, or meetings is an area of interest for many people. School, work, and pleasure are something every person must endure in life. At the Java Café, the company has created an environment for people to enjoy the simplicity of life with the luxury of great service, tasteful food, and beverages ranging from coffee to smoothies. Java Café has all the elements to help you have a peace of mind no matter what one need to accomplish. Java Café’s mission is to provide quality into the life of the community. At Java Café, the establishment is created to allow individuals to enjoy foods such as baked goods, salads, soups, and sandwiches. Of course with food comes beverages, Java Café offers the top notch fruit smoothies, fruit teas, and coffee. At Java Café, all foods are baked fresh and all fruits are cut to order. Besides the freshness and preservation of the food, Java Café would like to introduce the specially designed room for consumers in need of quiet time whether to study, concentrate on portfolios, or just a place to get away. The room is designed to keep with the busy lifestyle the community has to maintain. The company believes what makes a good community is the environment set forth to establish within the community. Java Café is a newly established business with an agenda to bring flexibility into the community. Java Café has developed a business plan to implement strategic marketing ideas to increase revenue sales. With the Java Café being a new business, the company must establish a target market and find an area to market its company. With a market for the products, the business can then proceed with its marketing plan to open the business. With the target

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