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Project 1: Marketing Plan for a Service-Based Company Sean Van Poppel MKTG 340 July 16, 2014 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Service Industry Fitness has risen and grown much popularity within the past couple of years. With its growth throughout the country, there is an industry that is taking off. This industry is Personal Training. Personal trainers are people who guide you both in work out programs and dietary programs. These programs are fit to one person specifically allowing it to better fit a person’s wants and/or needs and receive faster and better results. Trainers can help in a multitude of ways; losing weight, getting into shape, training for a sport or specific event such as a marathon, Mixed Martial Arts fight, Crossfit, and bodybuilding, and diet plans for either gaining or losing weight. 1.2 Markets Compared Service marketing plans and product marketing plans are different in a couple of ways. First of all service marketing plans offer something that is intangible, or something that the consumer can't put its hands on. It can be hard to sell something that you can't see or touch. Another major difference is that for service marketing building a relationship is a big deal compared to product marketing, where there may only be a little relationship built, such as branding and name recognition. When that service finally builds a strong relationship it will allow them to continue earning money for many, many years. Another difference in service marketing is marketing the quality of your service. When it comes to product marketing for quality, the quality is shown within the product itself. Where as service marketing quality can't really be shown. That's why building a relationship is key for service marketing. 1.3 Service Business Our business will be providing high quality and nationally certified personal trainers along with a

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