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* Product development process: TruEarth team was successfully testing the new products and “limited edition” diversity on the core recipes, and the quantity of goods used in manufacturing most products made it easy to do the test process without affecting the overall production. But as time going the company underrate the demand market which made the TruEarth struggle to keep up with the demand. As a result, of TruEarth’s grew and serving regional accounts, the cost of such mistakes is high. Therefore, the company improve a formal four-step process for its research and development: 1. Idea Generation: Market for the pasta switch from highly processed foods towards better quality and originality which forces TruEarth Company to become more organised in evaluating the customer trends. 2. Concept Screening: TruEarth came with formal survey which maintains people interest evaluation and their buying behaviour. Around 300 surveys were carried out to different cities. 76% positive purchase notion comprising “definitely” or “probably” result indicated. 3. Product Development and Testing: Cusina Fresca was developed by TruEarth test kitchen within fresh whole grain pasta line it was delivered with fully ranged choices of cut pasta and additional sauces. Focus group examined the idea and replayed with a positive feedback. Therefore, it was decided to start a market study to evaluate the potential sales capacity.300 malls were conducted to interview after testing with focus group. 4. Quantification of volume: A contract was signed between TruEarth and Nielsen BASES, a market research firm, to guess the potential sales. A BASES 1 test was about the customer’s awareness and interest, and BASES 2 test was about the taste besides the “line extension” study for any existing product line. * Cucina Fresca: In late 2004, the management team for TruEarth starts

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