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Marketing – Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics Executive Summary Night Private Taxi Service - CoolRide Our work is about a premium transport service, called CoolRide. The idea is to create a service that links night, fun and friends, but at the same time, trust, quality and safety. First we are a transport service because we provide rides from all places our clients want, at any time they choose (beginning at 8pm), from Wednesdays until Saturdays (the usual days people go out) and also on holidays. However, the aspect that differentiates us from taxis is our safety component. We want to solve the insecurity of a night out, not only in the way to go and get out of clubs/discos, but at the same time ensuring that our customers arrive home safely. As our fleet consists in vans of 7 places, we will also ensure group travels, which is something that will guarantee the possibility of going out together with a bigger group of friends. Furthermore, we will have certified motorists and clients may choose who they prefer, which is vital to gain our clients trust. We will also provide prepayment in many different ways: monthly, weekly, daily, a pack of 5/10 travels and packs of Wednesday until Saturday; the modality is chosen by the client. When we were thinking about how customers would do their requests for our service, we immediately thought of mobile phones. We wanted to be creative and modern, so it came to our mind creating an app for Android and IOS Services. There, our clients could choose which motorist they want, point the time and place they need to be picked up and say how many they would be (if they go out in a group). This type of apps is already used regularly in other countries, such as Brazil and the US. Other that component we will present is a cloakroom inside the vans, which can be really useful in many ways: not spending so much money in

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